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I recently returned from a 12 day on the Royal Star. I was lucky enough to catch a cow. The tuna weighed 282 lbs. a personal best. The fish was caught on Toro Tamer (100 lb) purchased and spooled on my Makaira 20SEII  (12/6/12). Neil Manji


Toro Tamer Super Braid

Toro Tamer SUPER BRAID is made from Gel Spun Polyethylene fibers. That's the material used for all of the new Super Braids. There are a few different trade names used for these products, Spectra, Dynema, PE braid, all are made from the same raw materials, the difference lies in trade names which reflect the products origin and international orientation. Within the range of super braids (PE lines) there are differences in fiber quality, diameters, tests, weave structure and strands used in building the lines. Our fibers are among the best in the industry, proof of that lies in the range of products we offer, noting that no other firm offers hollow core spliceable braid in such low tests (down to 20 lb test) as Toro Tamer produces. Fiber quality is the limiting factor in that respect. Toro Tamer is also the only firm in the industry to offer a full line of both 12 and 16 strand spliceable lines.

We produce both "solid" and hollow core form. With respect to our "solid" lines (they are not actually solid, they still are a multi-strand line) we offer lines from 20 to 100 lb test.  For our lightest 20-60# test we offer an economical four strand line.  We found a need for an enhanced 8 strand product among anglers seeking a smoother, rounder line. The 8 strand is smoother by touch, easier on the fingers, improves casting performance among other benefits. We offer 8 strand "solid" in tests from 40 to 100 lb. We offer these lines in uncolored white, coffee brown for inshore fishing, dark green and 4 color metered depth finder line for deep water jigging. Our 4 color line changes color every 10 meters (33 feet), so when you see a color repeat you know you've dropped 40 meters (~130 feet). It's our feeling that this is an appropriate way to mark the depth for realistic use. Some firms do a color change every 25 feet, another does so with 10 colors changing every 10 yards...darn hard to keep track of when you are doing drops of 300 feet or more.


4 Strand
PE Braid

0.234mm brown, white, green and 4 color metered depth finder
30 0.286mm
50 0.405mm
60 0.45mm

Our 8 strand lines are available in tests from 40 to 100 lbs. The 8 strand product is thin in diameter and smoother by feel. For spooling a reel, line capacity is increased above the 4 strand's level. The 8 strand, given it's weave is rounder and offers some improvement in casting.


8 Strand
100% PE Braid

0.286mm white, green and 4 color metered depth finder, offshore blue
50 <.405mm
60 <0.45mm
80 <0.48mm
100 <0.52mm white and 4 color, offshore blue

Spliceable Super Braid


In 2014 we expanded our offerings with the introduction of our 12 Strand Spliceable hollow core super braid at ICAST. Our 16 strand spliceable line was introduced to anglers in 2012, as the easiest braid available for in-line rigging of leader to braid. We saw a demand for a less expensive 12 strand option for reel fills.

As a test, after working with some sample production of colored 16 strand, and after hearing from some folks that they would like to see a 12 strand product from us, we gave our factory a challenge. Produce a new 12 strand incorporating our superior coloring process first. If the colored 12 strand was up to par, then we'd expand and offer an uncolored white version shortly after. Well, we received our first order of colored 12 strand and it's quite workable stuff indeed. Let me make one point very clear, the 16 strand is the easiest line on the market in terms of opening up for use with in-line rigging. The 12 strand by it's nature requires a bit more skill. Coloring the line increases that difficulty level marginally. In the past, and I don't care which manufacturer you're comparing, colored hollow core line had problems. One suppler was particularly troublesome. When rigging you'd come upon clumps of paint inside the weave and you'd have to spend an inordinate amount of time working through those problem spots...and there would be many encountered when working with the product. You won't find that issue with Toro Tamer's 12 strand blue spliceable braid. It will not open up as well as Toro's 16 strand, that's a given, but it will indeed open up well. I would say that this line is best used by experienced folks, those who have been working with in-line rigging for some time and are comfortable with making use of some of the tricks of the trade. By that I mean, if things are a bit difficult (especially with the thinnest diameter lines like 50 or 60 lb.) it's a good idea to make use of a small loop needle to open up the weave first. The coloring process does make the initial opening up a bit more challenging, but it is indeed quite doable though you may spend a modest amount more time working with the line. I think, by comparison to some other manufacturers, you'll also be quite impressed with the coloring process and it's ability to retain color longer than what's been on the market prior to this time. In general, a 12 strand line will splice one line class below it's rating: 40# leader into 50# 12 strand hollow works relatively easily, 50 into 50# proves more difficult. In the case of our 16 strand products, its possible to inline rig leaders which are 50% greater in test.

One last note, a 12 strand product is a bit less expensive to produce than is a 16 strand, and there are benefits of running a hollow braid beyond the single benefit of inline rigging. A "solid" line when under pressure may tend to bury itself into the spool a bit more easily since there's greater area for the line to dig into. Since a hollow braid will tend to lay flatter, there's less tendency for it to dig into itself. Further, since the line lays flatter, capacity on a reel may increase as a consequence to the way it packs on a reel when loaded under appropriate pressure/tension. So, there are benefits to running a hollow line regardless of whether or not in-line rigging is employed. It's certainly much easier (and cleaner) to splice on more line in the event that you get cut off.


12 Strand
100% PE Braid

0.331mm white and blue
60 0.4mm
80 0.45mm
100 0.48mm
130 0.64mm

Given ease of rigging of the 16 strand product line and continued product improvements and cost reduction, we have discontinued 12 strand hollowcore production.  The 16 strand is so much easier to work with and now the cost close to that of producing 12 strand, there's no reason to downstep to a 12.


Spliceable Super Braid

Uniquely, Toro Tamer produces advanced hollowcore lines in 8, 12 and 16 strand. Our 16 strand spliceable lines  represent the best product on the market in terms ease of use for in-line rigging. For our clients making wind-ons, the 16 strand line available in 25 meters as well as bulk spools for folks filling reels. Our hollow core is available in 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 80, 100, 130 and 200 lb. tests. We've been demonstrating the hollow core 20-40# lines at many consumer shows and tackle shops and frankly, people are amazed at how easy it is to work with, and the rigging options allowed through our innovative hollow core products are the best such products that have hit the street. They have revolutionized the way many of us rig up our smaller reels - especially beneficial for folks running spinning reels and baitcasters. And, like all Toro Tamer products, we would not be producing the products if we didn't feel we had both the quality and the value to satisfy our clients and lead the market.

Toro Tamer introduced the first 20# and 30# 16 Strand Spliceable braid at the 2013 ICAST show in Las Vegas. 
The new lines will open many wonderful rigging opportunities for both saltwater and freshwater anglers who recognize the benefits of knotless rigging. The new line offers unparalleled ease of rigging and reliability with virtual 100% strength for their connections between leader and braid, better casting since there's no "bump" through the guides on the way out and better presentation - and the diameter of the new line is excellent at only 0.24mm. How is it for rigging? SUPER! As you can see from the image on the left, the new line opens up quite well and can accommodate a wide range of leader tests.

Standard Hollowcore Braid is available in natural white from 20-200 lb test,
and for 40#-130# we have Hi Visibility Yellow and Hi Vis Lime Green in certain tests.

New for fall 2022 Toro's Hollowcore is available in 4 color Depth Counter form, 10 meters per color (33 feet).

Here are some independent test results from Daho, makers of excellent rigging needles, of our line's compatibility with their products. In this regard, we are FAR easier to work with than other manufactures on the market today. Comparison to other lines can be supplied upon request. Click on the table below for a closer inspection.

Here are the specs for Toro Tamer's Premium Hollow Core Gel Spun Spliceable Super Braided lines:

Ultra Thin
100% PE 16 Strand 0.24mm white
Ultra Thin
100% PE 16 Strand 0.26mm white
40 100% PE 16 Strand 0.286mm white
50 100% PE 16 Strand 0.331mm white, high visibility lime and high vis yellow, new 4 color Depth Counter
60 100% PE 16 Strand 0.4mm
80 100% PE 16 Strand 0.45mm
100 100% PE 16 Strand 0.48mm
130 100% PE 16 Strand 0.64mm
200 100% PE 16 Strand 0.86mm white

Why hollow core? There are three primary benefits to anglers. First, use of a hollow line results in better packs on a reel. We gain some line capacity since the line lays down flatter and diameter is reduced, and when under pressure (for instance fighting a larger grade fish) the line is less apt to bury itself on the reel's spool. With the hollow core lines you have additional rigging options. You can eliminate knots, and their resultant diameter thickness. You can achieve 100% line strength since use of a knot always degrades the test at which lines will break. You can rig your leader internally, you can more easily make use of wind-on leaders, you can stack line of different tests and also add line to a reel easily in the event of a cut off. Hollow Core line is the future for most anglers fishing gear of 40# and up, and some would argue well under that figure.

Many experienced anglers prefer (especially on larger reels) to run a 12 or 16 strand hollowcore braid and terminate with a splice loop and then run wind-on leaders (use a reverse latch needle for that) or in-line leader (make use of a hollow threading needle or loop needle for this connection). You can make use of pre-made wind-ons, or make your own, often 25' plus or minus to your taste for your bait fishing. Once you've made your loop on the hollow core 12 & 16 strand  it's a quick and easy loop to loop connection so you can run your pre-made leaders quite efficiently.  That's a stealthy way to rig things, and easy to swap out leaders as conditions change. On spinning reels, small two speed gear, reels used in applications for which casting is key, its preferable to keep things as simple as possible with no knots or loop to loop connections. On these (higher end small size reels) its suggested to run your leader rigged internally. That results in the BEST transition to your leader.

And, here's some product feedback from a successful angler:

I recently returned from a 12 day on the Royal Star. I was lucky enough to catch a cow. The tuna weighed 282 lbs. a personal best. The fish was caught on Toro Tamer (100 lb) purchased and spooled on my Makaira 20SEII  (12/6/12). I have attached a picture of the tuna. For additional ref. please check the Royal Star web page for 1/15 for additional verification.


Neil Manji



Rigging Needles
Complementing our excellent hollow braided lines we also offer a range of tools and ancillary products necessary to maximize the products unique benefits. For 2015 Toro Tamer introduced a new line of rigging needles of our own design. Currently we offer three kits as well as individual needle sales. We offer a 16, 9 and 7 needle kits. Our needles are available in nine sizes of threading needle, 20/30/40/50/60/80/100/130/150 and 200#. We produce three sizes of latch needles and three sizes of loop needles. Our needle kits are offered in a light to medium pack, 20/30/40/50/ and 60# size threading needles, a small latch and small loop needle. The Medium/Heavy kit includes 80/100/130/150 and 200# threading needles, medium and large loop and latch needles. The complete kit includes all 16 needles and carries a suggested retail price of of under $120, the Medium/Heavy kit run $70 and the Light/Medium kit $60! Toro Tamer brings the cost of inline rigging down to earth. And, with the ease of use of our braided lines, now all anglers can enjoy the benefits of knotless connections - true 100% connection strength with no knots, no casting interference as your line effortlessly flows through the rod's guides.

We also offer three very nice needle kits manufactured by Daho. We have a light line kit as well as a medium to heavy line needle kit, and have recently produced a three piece kit for the Ultra Thin lines which were introduced at 2013 ICAST in July. The Ultra Light kit includes a 20 and 30# hollow needle and one extra small loop needle and retail at $50. Both the medium/light and heavy line kits feature five hollow needles for insertion of several popular line sizes, a reverse latch needle which is used for making wind-on leaders and a loop needle which is commonly used to "open up" hollow lines or for inserting solid line into a hollow line (the reverse latch is probably the better option in this regard. The Light/Medium and Medium/Heavy line kits retail for $90.

We offer a unique Spectra/Braid adhesive product, with excellent penetration properties as well as very good performance in water. Unique to our one part glue, which requires no mixing or activator, we retain some flexibility and it does well in a wet & salty environment!

Lastly, we also offer an excellent "braid" cutter tool to cleanly slice braided lines - a necessity when working with hollow rigging.

Over the years several connection styles have been used for braided line to leader connection. Above are a few of the more popular knots as well as three direct in-line connections. The advantages of an in-line connection are obvious: thinner diameter, no bump through your rod's guides and less "hanging-up" as the line flows off the reel, less chance of the line getting stuck on the spool by an overwrap on a cast, and MOST IMPORTANTLY a proper inline connection in which your leader has been inserted into the braid a few feet will result in a 100% test strength connection - that's something that no knot can achieve.

Toro Tamer Spliceable Braid Demonstration with Flyline and Leader

Wind-On Fix'ns
We offer 25 meter spools of 16 strand spliceable braid for making your wind-ons, and 100 meter spools of 4 strand serving braid in 20 and 30 lb test - both great for serving connections and for your nail knots. Additionally we offer a 30 and 40 lb 8 strand hollow for use in serving. The 8 strand is thinner in diameter, makes a bit more compact serve with more wraps. For most applications the 4 strand is adequate, but the 8 strand will produce tighter wraps with more of them per inch - a bit less bulky on the serve. Our serving braids are available in multi-color form at 20 and 30# test in 100 meter spools. We offer an enhanced 8 strand hollow core for serving use. The hollow core 8 strand will prove thinner, allowing thinner wraps and more of them in a given space. It's the recommended line for serving heavier wind-ons.

Serving and Nail Knot Spools 16 Strand 25 Meter Colored Wind-On Spools

At ICAST 2014 we introduced colored versions of our 60/80/100/130# test lines in 25 meter lengths, so you have a choice of white, blue, red, yellow and green. The colored hollow core makes life easy in terms of distinguishing your wind-ons, color coding different leader tests.  Similarly, the 4 strand serving braid is offered in 100 meter spools, four colors on the spool, changing color every 10 meters. I use the colored serving line to distinguish tests, red for 40, green for 50, yellow for 60, white for 80, blue for 100 lb... Same program for my nail knots. The different colors help me stay on top of things, easy to tell match up tests when replacing a leader. One note, coloring braid is not an easy process. Our coloring process is quite good in terms of the coloring not fading, which is common. The natural color for braid is white. When working with the colored line expect some of that color to transfer to your fingers initially, especially with the red line. Compared to other colored lines on the market I think you'll find ours holds up better over time with less fading, but initially you will get a bit of color transfer.

(Preface to Wind-Ons - these things are not a mystery, they are not difficult to learn to make, they are great to use in many fishing applications, and you can make 'em yourself rather than pay to have them built or use pre-made ones of lesser quality. Wind-Ons are easy to make, require just a few specific tools, and it's a pretty neat thing to do when you're not fishing...along the lines of fly fishermen tying their own flies. We have several videos posted showing how to make these. While CharkBait makes Wind-Ons and sells them, we encourage our clients to make 'em themselves - and we try to help you do so. Commercially made wind-on's have had some reliability issues in the past (remembering that Seaguar's attempt met with failure...). Custom production can be much better, but you can make these yourself, reliably and more economically.)

If you would like some assistance with rigging hollow braided lines please visit our Rigging page for instructions and brief videos showing techniques used for working with hollow braid.

New for 2022 WIND-ON LEADERS

We're now supplying factory produced wind-on leaders for 60/80/100/130/200 lb test line. These are made with Fluorocarbon leader which is inserted into the 16 strand hollowcore braid 1 meter, dual wall, then terminates in a loop for easy rigging.  The connection is both glued and served.


ITEM leader material Diameter Length of leader Length of hollow core connector
wind on leader fluorocarbon 0.7130mm 700cm 1m
wind on leader fluorocarbon 0.830mm 700cm 1m
wind on leader fluorocarbon 0.976mm 700cm 1m
wind on leader fluorocarbon 1.003mm 700cm 1m
wind on leader fluorocarbon 1.33mm 700cm 1m



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