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Mini Hand Swager/Crimper
Many years ago I came across a small hand crimper (swager) that was built like the large ones, but half the size.  Because of it's small size and superior construction it became th emost useful rigging tool in my possession. It was the perfect combination of compactness and power. More commonly these are large tools which don't fit in a guys tackle bag. As a result, you might not have one handy when needed. This small hand crimper/swager was perfect...and of course after a couple years the manufacturer cheapened the product and ultimately it disappeared from the fishing market, disappeared for 20 years...until now.  Introducing the Toro Mini Hand Swager! This new tool is even better than the original, just as robust, with improvements in  materials and design.  This very small compact crimper is well able to deal with lines of 200# down.  Four receiver sizes for crimping, .1-.6, .6-1.0, 1.0-1.4 and 1.4-2.0 mm. The crimper offers two cutters to cleanly slice mono leaders, the spring loaded handle also offers a handle lock for storage.


Heavy Duty Split Ring Pliers
These are upgrade split ring pliers very capable of dealing with the heaviest split rings. They are made for the big gear. The HD's come with a nice sheath and lanyard.  I won't suggest these are our own design or unique in the market, they're not. These are made by a large firm which manufactures tools for all the major tackle companies. The difference is that we're not price gouging, we're offering these thru our dealers at an aggressive price.

Split Ring Pliers w/Braid Cutter
These are also an upgrade product compared to most that are on the market. They are quite functional with heavy rings but don't come with the $80 price. No lanyard, no sheath, just a very functional pair of split ring pliers that are capable of dealing with 300 lb split rings all day long. These stainless steel pliers are titanium coated for rust prevention. THey offer a treated cutting edge, capable of cutting thru braid easily. They offer a soft spring loaded handle and lock guard.


Braid Scissors
Just a basic necessity, nothing too fancy on the surface but digging a bit deeper you'll note that these are made with Stainless Steel, anodized, serrated cutting edge with a hook sharpener. Their soft molded grip is comfortable for extended use, scissors are 5.5 inches in length.



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